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Ideal location: Located in the heart of Delhi, KRM Juniors has 1400 sq yard ft of area that includes bright, airy and vibrant classrooms that promise a nurturing environment for children.
Multimedia Equipped Class rooms: Multimedia content with higher order provided by Edu e web interactivity acts as leverage for the teachers and promotes collaborative learning amongst the toddlers. Edu e Web acquaints the learners with new age learning methodologies.
Montessori Lab: We have a separate lab with standardized Montessori material to enhance their practical life skills and refine their senses.
State of Art Furniture: Attractive furniture that is age appropriate, non-toxic and colorful captures the child's imagination from the moment he/she enters the classroom and engages in activities planned for the day.
Dramatization and Role Play: Dramatization of stories and stage shows are organized from time to time to build confidence and enhance child’s creative expression. Children are also encouraged to create or retell stories.
Picnics &Excursions: According to the theme for the month we organize Nature walks, field trips, excursions, visit to museum, children's park etc. to teach the concepts for long lasting learning.
Presentations by children: We have weekly show and tell activities to remove stage fear and build confidence. Feedback of both parents and the teachers at the end of the presentation enables them to understand the level of development of their childand worktogether for his better performance.
Resourceful fun Learning Zones: The entire school has been divided into different learning zones.The wealth of educational toys, books and various equipment and resources that stimulates the interest and curiosity of young minds. Areas have been created to stroke the child imagination and thirst for knowledge.
Nutritious Food:  We recognize the importance of a healthy diet in children’s development. What children eat plays an important part in keeping happy, healthy and growing. Weserve Healthy and hygiene food to promote a healthy lifestyle for the children in our care.
Transport facility: We provide Air-conditioned transport facility with a maid accompanying children.

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