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The children are encouraged to explore, to think and to express themselves in different ways; both in the indoor and outdoor environment.

We groom our little children into good human beings.
Our curriculum is based on the global approach,but enhanced and adapted as per the needs of the childrenin contrast to approaches that are subject centered and teacher directed, We emphasize     on individual children's interests, free play and first-hand experience.

We follow integrated Montessori and play way method to help each child spontaneously reach his or her full potential Teaching values are aimed towards imparting qualities of self-confidence, poise, a spirit of sharing, empathy, and exemplary social behavior. We also focus on personalitydevelopment at this tender age to bring about an independent and responsible child to face the real global world.

While offering a Child friendly environment, we work on the child's faculties to make them lifelong learners. We develop on their:
  • Language and communication development
  • Ability of exploration
  • Logical thinking skills
  • Problem solving skills 
  • Decision making skills
  • Physical and social development
  • Creative skills
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